Friday, August 13, 2010

Dark World: Attack From Atlantis

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(The story begins here.)
(The last recap is here.)

When Darren pulled off the country road and practically into some bushes, there was no sign of the site he had already described briefly in English and at greater length in Neo Patwa: no lake, no cabin, nothing but trees.

“How long a hike will it be?” Dr. Fleming asked.

“Directly, ten minutes or less,” Darren replied. “But we’ll take thirty just to be safe.”

They proceeded cautiously, frequently stopping to listen and always inspecting their surroundings minutely. Darren was relieved that the doctor hadn’t brought his backpack arsenal; it might have proved handy, but it was too bulky. The doctor had removed some items from it and stowed them inconspicuously about his person. He had also made a point of issuing them all guns. Darren’s mind went back over the brief dialog that followed.

“We won’t fire needlessly, I trust,” he had said.

“The idea is more to threaten than to harm,” the doctor promised. “I think the intruder was not supposed to resort to violence and did so out of frustration and anger; I hope to avoid a repeat of that.” He paused and studied Darren carefully. “You don’t really expect to sneak in there, do you?”

“I hope to, but I certainly don’t expect to. It depends how large a force is here. If it’s small, we may get through; otherwise not. But I think it’s better to try reasonable stealth than simply to drive up to the camp. This way, we may keep our vehicle a secret for a while, which might make escape possible later.”

“So we rescue Dr. FitzHugh against his will?”

“I hope not. I would like a proper talk with him, though.”

It all hinged on whether Victor was right: if Dr. FitzHugh was relatively free, the desired interview and their general safety would be no problem. But if he wasn’t…

Darren could sense a movement in the trees, and he glanced at Lassiter, who was looking at him. Even without the lycanthropy, his senses seemed sharper than normal. Darren whispered to Dr. Fleming, “We’ve been spotted.”

“How many?”

“Two or three at most. But they’re raising the alarm. We should have the full force here within a minute.”

“How far is the camp?”

“Too far.”

“Then we surrender graciously and bide our time.”

As if in answer, several short, stocky men appeared out of the woods on every side, their weapons at the ready.

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