Tuesday, May 22, 2007

So What's an Ansric, Anyway?

The first novel I started was A World Apart, intended to be the beginning of a series. It involved some kids who wind up on an earthlike planet after an advanced experiment goes wrong. One of the people they meet--the mentor for the main character--is called Ansric sometimes. They eventually discover that it is a title. His people are (or were) very intelligent and long-lived, with above average strength and dexterity. They were also extremely xenophobic and perhaps had psychotic tendencies. (No one's perfect.)

But they also had malcontents who insisted on questioning traditions and wondering what was going on outside. These people were sent out--almost exiled--to keep an eye on the Outsiders and report on whatever they were up to. These exile-spies were ansrics. They were respected and feared--well, feared, anyway--by their countrymen and kept their return visits short, to the relief of all concerned.

Now, everyone feels alone at some level: no one feels completely known and understood. I don't claim to be unique there. But I am an ansric of sorts: I have stepped outside of my usual world--standard evangelicals--and had a look outside. Whatever you think is a standard Christian, I'm probably not it. But unlike many who leave in a huff without having a really good look at their birthplace, I haven't rejected the people and ideas I grew up with--I'm no atheist or Neo-Pagan, for example--I have just checked out the other groups living in Ecclesia. And the Church (in the large sense) is the foundation of my thinking and creativity.

So what topics are we looking at? Languages, words, writing (mostly speculative fiction), the Bible, and some practical theology. And since I'm hardly ever either entirely serious or entirely joking, we can laugh and learn about the places I've been and the things I've seen. Maybe they'll change you too.


cyn said...

Well isn't this something . . . in the wee hours of this morning (after some months of minor curiosity) I decided to ask what "ansric" referred to and voila! here it is. Interesting background to the name.


whymz said...

It isn't me, but rather it is cyn that compels me. Nice to get the inside tract to our monikers.

So what is a normal Christian? I'd say closer to what I've know in you than many out there. Evangelicals tend to be like the way I cook, all depends on the ingredients on hand and what I feel like rather than the recipe.

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