Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Horror!

And now, a sight so horrifying it will probably scar you for life. If you're like me, you're a junior geezer with a lot of scars already, so one more won't matter. But for the kiddies, note: Please ask your parents first. It will probably go like this:

You: Is it okay if I look at something on the Web that will scar me for life?

Mom: Is it kinky or illegal?

You: Uh... No.

Mom: Then your father probably hasn't seen it yet. Ask him.

Dad: Does it cost money?

You: No.

Parents: Great! We'll get the popcorn!

Anyway, click if you dare! (It'll prepare you for the next few days...)


cyn said...

Okay, you got me good! I wasn't prepared for what was behind that innocuous looking link--despite your warning and your "silly rabbit" mention in email!

Of course, you realize that my periscope has moved slightly west and I now have Stephen L. in my sights. Hmmmm *gleefully rubbing hands* whatever can I think of to do with your author pic?


cathikin said...

ROTFL!!! I was NOT prepared to see that, especially that large!

Frank Creed said...

If only I had the ability to do it, your profile of Ansric's crew would be all bunny eared.

Go LARGE or stay home, right?

I fear your future graphics.



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