Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Book of Names: A Genuine Site Review

I thought I'd close out the CSFF blog tour of D. Barkley Briggs’s The Book of Names with a look at the "Hidden Lands" site. (No, the publisher still hasn't sent me a book. I think I've been erased from their Book of Names.)

Anyway, the site is very graphics oriented, but there's also a lot of information. If I'd had more time to assemble my Genuine Fake Review, the site would've improved it significantly. If there's a negative here, it's that it takes quite a while to work through all the pages, so it can be rather intimidating. It might have been better to have an introductory tour to give an overview of the book, the land, and so forth. The reader could then click the other sections for more detailed information.

Just a thought.

One of the main surprises I encountered was right on the main page: The "D" in "D. Barkley Briggs" stands for "Dean." I somehow assumed it would be "Dilbert" or "Diplodicus" or something else you wouldn't want in the author slot of a book. But "Dean"? One of the major characters in League of Superheroes (he becomes more important as the series progresses) is named Dean. But I suppose the initial initial (intentional, not dittography--thanks for noticing) is more impressive.

But I digress, regress, or even transgress once again. It's well past my bedtime--busy days, lately--so I'm free-associating even more than usual, which frightens even me. In closing this very short post, I'll just say that if you want to look into this series, the Web site is the place to go. Also, bear in mind that even the reviewers who clearly wanted to give a negative review on Amazon had to admit that The Book of Names was irresistibly readable. That impressed me more than the gushy reviews.

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