Monday, December 8, 2008

League of Superheroes: Passing Time 1

[Note: This event occurred during the silent period mentioned in the last chapter of League of Superheroes, but it would have been awkward to include it there. And yes, this is the "world's fastest wedgie" story.]

One of the problems with being a high-tech superhero is you have to carry your gear around. Superman can still fly in his skivvies, and even Batman doesn't need all his gadgets to get things done. But except for Halloween, Rod couldn't pack his Titan suit around unnoticed, and my Darklight suit was generally visible unless I was in it.

Allen was the exception. Our Tachyon impersonator could bump his personal time zone up or down a few notches even without his suit. All he needed was his time-field controller, and it fit easily in his fanny pack. It had already saved his life once, but I couldn't help wondering why he brought it to school that day.

"Show and tell isn't until tomorrow," I pointed out. Suddenly a pen was sticking out of my mouth.

Allen laughed. "What was that? I can't understand you with a pen in your mouth."

I reached for it, but it was already back in my pocket.

"You should keep track of your stuff," he said.

"With friends like you, it's a waste of time. And speaking of time, don't you have enough on your hands?"

"Not always. At least this way I can fit in a potty trip between classes even with a chatty friend."

He popped into the restroom, and out of curiosity, I timed him. Almost a minute. "What took so long?"

"The place wasn't empty. It would've attracted attention if I'd gone much faster."

"So even Tachyon doesn't have all the time in the world."

"Time control isn't as simple as you think. That's really why I brought this along: Rod's going to run me through some experiments."

"Experiments? What if he turns you into a Baptist?"

"Then Clarice will bite him, and every full moon he'll turn into a priest."

I hadn't realized Allen's little sister had such power, but I think she equally scared and annoyed us all back then. So I hung a right and entered the comforting world of Spanish II, while Allen had to go to Algebra II and Trig. But the wonders of the subjunctive didn't really hold my attention. What kind of experiments had our resident genius cooked up?

Tune in tomorrow to find out!

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Grace Bridges said...

Hey, Steve! Great story. I wonder if you could link the five parts together so that it's easier to read in sequence? I have linked to this first part but it's a bit difficult to navigate from here to the other parts if you don't know your way around. A link at the end of each section would do it. That would be awesome!
by the way, do you like your new site? :)

Steve said...

Sorry, I meant to link them. I thought I had.

The "new site" is

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