Monday, October 1, 2012

This is a Test...

Specifically, I'm trying to find out whether I've finally managed to resolve my problems with Blogger, which are rather involved.

For one thing, I use Internet Explorer for Blogger--I use it for very little, but that is one of the chosen few. And the latest version of IE didn't play well with Blogger, or vice versa. I tried other browsers and didn't like the results. (I didn't try Firefox, because that's my primary browser, and I like to keep Gmail active.)

For another thing, my ISP decided to job out e-mail to Google, so I suddenly had a conflict between my Blogger account and my ISP account. I think I've worked that out now, which only leaves the browser problem, and I may have a way around that. Let's find out.

Okay, a few minor bugs, but probably manageable. Let's talk schedules.

To begin with, Frank Creed has another installment of his Underground series coming out, so I'll need to review that.

Then there's Dark World. My primary problem there is that I don't like working on stage, so to speak. Anyway, I don't like composing with someone watching. So the idea of writing a story as people watch just wasn't working. Still, I do want to continue, so I may simply write a complete arc ahead and serialize it. That's roughly what I did at first.

Also, since the blog's tagline mentions reporting back to the Protestant world about my explorations outside, I ought to tend to that. Figuring out exactly how will be a post in itself.

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