Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dark World: Un Nove Sperantia

(The story begins here./Le conto comencia hic.) As an added feature, mouse over anything you want translated below.

“What do you mean, ‘A new hope’?” Darren asked. “Haven’t you encountered Christians before? Where did you come from otherwise?” He had to re-phrase this a time or so, but finally the man in the robe smiled understanding.

Christianos certo ha venite a iste mundo, sed de voluntate: pro salvar o adjutar alcun altere. Sed tu es sol, sin amico o companion. Tu pote venir con me o none io te consilia de remaner. Haber un ponte al mundo normal forsan nos adjutara. Normalmente le via se aperi solo pro admitter malo additional.”

“It lets some out, too,” Darren muttered. He continued aloud, “Why me? Why now?”

Io non sape. Io suppone que tu ha experientia de iste mundo?

“Yes, and the last time was with friends. We drove off the invaders, though.”

Le porta numquam se claude vermenteal minus, non de tu latere. Quando uno veni a iste mundo, le porta vermente se claude. Ergo non veni si tu pote evitar lo, o tu anque sera prisionero hic.”

A fog began to gather, obscuring the scene and muffling the voice, which called, “Illo nos separa actualmente, sed le porte se aperira de nove…

Darren was alone on grounds without a trace of forest.

“I’m not sure whether I gained more answers than questions, but that helps a little.” He paused briefly and decided to collect Lassiter and see how Dr. Fleming’s investigation was proceeding. As he turned, he thought he sensed something—a faint stench, a coldness, something that would never show up on Dr. Fleming’s instruments and thus did not exist. He glanced back, but it was gone, and the shadow he thought he briefly saw—and saw move—was surely nothing but a trick of eye or mind.

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