Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shade--a Not-So-Fake Conclusion

In case anyone wonders, all it takes to do a Genuine Fake Review is some research--I read several summaries and reviews of the work--and a twisted mind. And Mr. Olson should be thankful: I originally considered following it up with a Genuine Fake Interview, though I usually reserve those for people I know and am reasonably sure won't resort to violence or legal action. For that matter, my original mental draft of the GFR--not to be confused with the completely mental GFR I actually posted--involved Dr. Katie James from Fossil Hunter trying to take over Shade as her own sequel. ("That looks like Indiana Jones, only with more curves and slightly less hispidity!" "What's 'hispidity'?" "What they called five-o'clock shadow before they had clocks.")

But as I said in the intro to the GFR, it was likely my loss that I didn't manage to read the book. I hope to do so and write a proper review someday, in which case I'll put a link to the real review along with the silly one. But I had a very important link tucked away in the GFR (toward the end, under "Bunky") that definitely merits a closer look: it's an autobiographical essay by Olson himself, and a really good read. In fact, I'd consider it a good enough reason to try Shade and his other books.

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