Sunday, July 6, 2008

Chenoa's Spiritual Journey 1: Intro

Becky Dice's Chenoa's Spiritual Journey is about Chenoa Fawn Gray Owl, who initially lives with her family in Whiteriver, Arizona, on the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation. Her father, a doctor, decides to move the family to Ohio for the sake of Chenoa and her four-year-old brother River. Chenoa resists the move; she has hardly ever been off the reservation and isn't interested in connecting with White People.

Unfortunately, not too long after the family arrives in Ohio to visit family friends Douglas and Barbara Ream, the kids wind up orphaned. Worse yet, the Reams are White People, and they are honor-bound to adopt Chenoa and her brother!

There are some bright spots, however, most of which involve a handsome Indian young man, though he has a psychotic girlfriend. (He seems to attract psycho admirers.) He is also a Christian--not the first Chenoa has met, but the only one (including her parents) to actually affect her spiritually.

The focus of the story is on how Chenoa eventually begins to adapt to her new surroundings and foster parents with God's help.

Tomorrow, as usual, I'll explore the good points of the book.

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cathikin said...

Short and to the point. Concise. I always wish I could word things as nidely as you do (well, okay, nicely is probably not the right word, but it works for today's blog)

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