Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Time Masters 1: Conclusion

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So is it worth reading? I think so. There are rough spots, but it's quite good for a first book. The second will likely be even better. One reviewer suggested that those uninterested in the romantic angle skip the first story and wait for the second. This is a bad idea, because

1. The first book is rather intricate, and I expect the second to lean on the first considerably, and

2. Unless I am very much mistaken, the romantic angle is a large part of the overall story. While the focus may change, the succeeding stories will likely be every bit as "romantic" as this one. If romance bothers you that much, skip the series and enjoy your impoverished life as best you can. (How do you spend your spare time, anyway--trying to reproduce by fission?)

In fact, I'm somewhat surprised at the positive response from women. It seemed to me that TMTC had a very masculine viewpoint most of the time; I could've thought it was written by a man. So the book and series may not be as big a turnoff for men as some reviewers imagine. Most guys wouldn't mind the first few chapters, which I thought would drive off women, so just getting a guy through the prolog should give him enough momentum to finish the book.

I would especially recommend this for teens, as it gives some good role models. Parents should read it too, so they can discuss the topics raised.

As I've mentioned, the use of alcohol and violence (usually not together) will bother some people. However, the drinking is not excessive, and the violence is not generally gratuitous. (In any case, I find no basis for the ideas that Christians are to be abstemious pacifists, though I neither use alcohol nor get into punch-ups.) I doubt the book will stumble anyone, even impressionable youth.

So four out of five for me. It's a better read than Potter books, and the content's better too.

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cathikin said...

"Manly yes, but I like it, too!" I guess this one is Scottish Spring, though, not Irish Spring. (If you don't know what I'm referring to, you're too young) I don't know, but it is true most of us females types like the book. I like your conclusion.

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