Sunday, September 30, 2007

League of Superheroes on Flashpoint, Part 1

As promised, we have the League of Superheroes, including Genie, the supergenius who got them started, to talk about Flashpoint by Frank Creed. I should identify them:
Rod Davies is Titan, a walking tank. He's a math and physics genius.
Tom Reilly is Darklight, an invisible spy. He's a language geek like me.
Allen Peters is Tachyon, able to speed or slow time. He's a hacker.
Clarice Peters is his little sister. She goes by the handle "Goodcheer." Don't laugh; it's cruel.
Charlie Taylor is Micromegas, a size-changer. He wants to be a medical missionary.
We'll start with... Oh, Rod, of course.
Rod: I liked it. Good action, fun dialog. Dad said he'd nail me if I talked that way, but he seemed to like it too. He didn't care for that Lix female, though. Too kinky.
Allen: I thought you had a wallpaper of her on your handheld.
Rod: I do not! Don't joke about stuff like that--Dad's listening. Yeah, okay, Dad. Here, see? Hey--what's with the "Huggie Bears" wallpaper? Allen!
Allen: They always blame me.
Rod: Well, it sure wasn't Tom!
Allen: Maybe it was Uncle. He's pretty good. Besides, Clarice likes the Huggie Bears.
Clarice: That was last year. Where is Uncle, anyway?
Ansric: He said he'd leave this to the younger crowd. Stick to Flashpoint.
Allen: Well, I thought it was pretty cool. The action was good, though I thought it would've worked better if Calamity Kid had done some hacking in the field. That would be the best way to deal with the Goliaths.
Rod: With my suit, I'd just blast their legs off and pry them open. That would teach the wimps inside a lesson.
Allen: Well, I'd just stroll over to them and paint over their sensors and stuff their gun barrels with whatever was handy. Or I'd isolate their power supply and age it a few years.
Charlie: I think we're supposed to talk about the story as it stands. There's a role-playing game for people who want to try alternatives.
Rod: I bet they don't have tech-based superpowers, though. You'd just shrink down to bug size, fly under a Goliath, and and show it how tall a Goliath could really be!
Charlie: Actually, I would shrink down, fly inside, and witness to the operator. Sooner or later he would either get saved or flee the vehicle.
Rod: What about you, Tom? Oh, yeah, I forgot: you don't have any offensive powers.
Tom: I shouldn't argue with the Death Star--you're the most offensive guy I know. But I could do a lot of what Allen--I mean Tachyon--could do. Besides, some of my counter-intelligence gear could really confuse a guy in a Goliath.
Ansric: Okay, but the story--
Rod: Hey, Genie! What did you think?
Genie: I haven't read it.
Rod: Allen's got it on his computer.
Allen: Sent it.
Genie: All right, but it'll take a moment...
Rod: And while she's doing that, I'll count to one. Ready?
Genie: Yes, I'm ready. It emphasizes the spiritual more than I like, but I suppose compared with "Star Wars" or more obviously the "Matrix" series, it's good enough.
Allen: You used compressed time, didn't you?
Genie: Of course. I didn't want to put people through Rod's counting to one.

To be continued...

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Frank Creed said...

Calamity Kid: What's frank gotten us into?
e-girl: I know, right?
CK: They didn't even mention that Brain-Wave tech Goliath suits pack .30 cal. machineguns and a targeting system faster than Rosie McDonnell at a buffet.
e-girl: You insensitive twit. Pickin' on Rosie and not even REALIZING I got no credit for doing all the field-hacking!
CK: You've been talkin' to Genie again, haven't ya?
e-girl: Dirt skunk brothers. *crosses arms*

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